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6:10pm; anticipating smaller crowd
60-80. I will be working with a few individuals, but no clinic.

SATURDAY SWIM 9/10  (there is no Sunday Swim)

Proposed Plan:

This is the live reg site for the practice swim Saturday 9/10. (text to the right >>>)

In essence, we are combining our normal Sunday Sunrise swim with the Nation's practice

I do not want to short change our season and Gold members as well as anyone who isnt doi
ng Nations and wants a long swim. So I have bright green
or pink wrist bands that they will
be issued for both wrists so that they can easily be spotted and allowed to continue to
swim when the others are required to head to the  dock.  I know you are all shaking your

We will use one course...300m...larger? Closer to the dock?

On the dry side...there will be NO walk up registrations for the Nations Swim. We are
expecting volunteers to help with check in. If numbers reach the 75+ range per wave (cap is
125), we should have 2 lines, plus a separate line for the Sunrise swimmers. Check in for
each swim should be on 2 separate sides of the pier.

Harbor Cafe will supply concessions. I will have drinks and some food on dock for us.

More later....email with thoughts.

Practice Swim Format:

We are offering four 35 minute waves to practice/warm-up for the
Nation's Triathlon the following day.

The water will be cleared after each wave concludes. Each wave
will be limited to a maximum of 125 swimmers. You are allowed
only one wave to practice your swim.

A 300 - 350 meter course will be fully kayak and lifeguard
supported. Perfect for triathletes warming up Nation's Triathlon
and other upcoming races. Course is configured in a triangle to
accommodate swimmers abilities, weather and water conditions.

Wet Suits: Please see our website www.WaveOneSwimming.com
for the latest update on wet suit use. Wet suits will not be
allowed if the water temperature is above 80F.

This is NOT a learn to swim event. You must have open water
swimming experience and be able to swim at least 500 meters in
the pool without stopping. You assume all risks in entering the
water for this practice swim.

Wave One: 7:30AM - 8:05AM
Wave 2: 8:15AM - 8:50AM
Wave 3: 9:00AM - 9:35AM
Wave 4: 9:45AM - 10:30AM

CHECK-IN: Check in opens 30 minutes prior to your wave. Your
registration will be confirmed and you will be body marked. You
must be body marked to enter the swim area. CHECK OUT: You
cannot leave the swim area until you have been checked out.
Once you have been checked out, you may not re-enter the swim
area. No exceptions

REGISTRATION: Online Registration is FREE with proof of Nation's
Triathlon entry.
There is no registration the day of the swims. You must register
online by 11:59PM September 9, 2016. No exceptions.  PROOF OF
NATION'S TRIATHLON ENTRY:  These swims are free for Nation's
Triathlon registrants. You are required to enter below and show
your confirmation number swim day as proof you are registered
in the Nation's Triathlon.

TRANSPORTATION:  Two shuttles will depart the Marriott Marquis
as follows:
6:30 am - First shuttle departs. This shuttle is for 7:30 am and 8:15
am swim shifts only; this shuttle will depart National Harbor to
return to the Marriott at 9:30 am.
8:00 am - Second shuttle departs. This shuttle is for 9:00 am and
9:45 am swim shifts only; this shuttle will depart National Harbor
to return to for the Marriott at 11:00 am.
Shuttles are limited to the first 50 people that sign up. There is no
cost for the shuttles.

PARKING: Public lots and metered spaces are available adjacent
to the water and in the buildings up on the National Harbor
property. There is a fee for parking.

BAG/GEAR STORAGE: Bags can be stored on the pier during your
swim. The area is supervised, however WaveOne assumes no
responsibility of missing items. Leave personal items at your own

CHANGING AREA: There are public restrooms available for
changing, but no changing area at the pier. Arrive prepared to
swim. Showers are available at the pier to rinse off after the swim.