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2015 Washington's Crossing video courtesy of DK Williams from PlanetDK
Private Lessons - Personal Training
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Nothing can substitute for private lessons and training to develop your own
personal swim stroke. We patiently share our experiences to transform your
swimming to meet your goals, address fears, and build relaxed confidence, as well
as enable you to swim faster further.  

"In the first class, he nailed specific issues with my technique and provided step by step guidance for
improvement, which led to immediate gains. I was so impressed with Denis that after only a couple of
classes, I hired him as a personal swim coach to get me ready for my first triathlon." -DD

HarborFest 2016
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Saturday Sept 24
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Inspire Your Inner Hero - One Stroke at a Time
Denis Crean,  the founder of WaveOne Swimming and marathon open
water swimmer, swam 20+ miles from Santa Catalina Island to the Palos
Verdes Peninsula, Los Angeles in the Pacific Ocean, on October 10, 2016.
The inspiration to attempt this channel crossing comes from his heroes
and team mates, who are also Special Olympics athletes. We raised over
$14,000 to provide  training and competition opportunities in triathlon
and open water swimming for these inspirational athletes.
WaveOne is happy to sponsor the Special Olympics Potomac River Dolphins
Video produced by Anna Pleskow, Special Olympics Unified Partner
Catalina Swim for Special Olympics
  • Congratulations to Phil Diven for winning
    Nations Triathlon Sprint OVERALL
  • Congratulations to Christine Gary for placing 3rd
    in her age group in Nations Triathlon Sprint
  • Congratulations to Larry McAndrews on placing
    in USAT National Age Group Championships,
    winning 1st in his age group in Nation's Triathlon
    and at the Athens Sprint Tri.
  • Congratulations to WaveOne's Matt Tourville for
    completing his 5th IronMan at Lake Placid in a
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1.  Premiere Races:
     6th Annual Washington's Crossing: 1.3 mile across the Potomac River
     7th Annual HarborFest Tri Distance Swims: 750m-1.2 mile-2.4 mile-5k
     8th Annual Swim for the Potomac: 3k-5k-10k
2.  All 20 Wednesday Sunset Swims at National Harbor (Season Pass Membership)
3.  All 17 Sunday Sunrise Swims at National Harbor  (Season Pass Membership)
4.  Five Open Water Clinics and Swims:    PeasantMan Clinic at Lake Anna
     2 Chesapeake Bay Swim Clinics and Swims at Sandy Point State Park
     2 or more Clinics and Swims at National Harbor
5.  5 Pool to Open Water Swim and Technique Clinics. One each month in December
through May. Complete with video swim analysis.
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