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2015 Washington's Crossing video courtesy of DK Williams from PlanetDK
Private Lessons - Personal Training
Coaching Packages available
Nothing can substitute for private lessons and training to develop your own
personal swim stroke. We patiently share our experiences to transform your
swimming to meet your goals, address fears, and build relaxed confidence, as
well as enable you to swim faster further.  

"In the first class, he nailed specific issues with my technique and provided step by step guidance for
improvement, which led to immediate gains. I was so impressed with Denis that after only a couple of
classes, I hired him as a personal swim coach to get me ready for my first triathlon." -DD

HarborFest 2016
Results Here
Inspire Your Inner Hero -
One Stroke at a Time
Denis Crean,  the founder of WaveOne Swimming and marathon open water
swimmer, swam 20+ miles from Santa Catalina Island to the Palos Verdes
Peninsula, Los Angeles in the Pacific Ocean, on October 10, 2016. The
inspiration to attempt this channel crossing came from his heroes and team
mates, who are also Special Olympics athletes.
WaveOne is happy to sponsor the Special Olympics Potomac River Dolphins
Video produced by Anna Pleskow, Special Olympics Unified Partner
Catalina Swim for
Special Olympics

Twice-a-Week Open Water Swims!
Wednesday Sunset and Sunday Sunrise Swims
at National Harbor
from May 10, 2017 through September 20, 2017
6/28 Wednesday Sunset Swim begins at 7:00pm. Forecast: Mostly Sunny, 81F, West wind 6 mph
7/2 Sunday Sunrise Swim begins at 8:30am.
7/5 Wednesday Sunset Swim begins at 7:00pm.
Water temp approx 81F. Meet at the Commercial Pier in National Harbor. Bring your wet suit,
limited use is in effect. Sunday online registration closes at 8PM Saturday, Wednesday closes at
3pm on Wednesday.  On site registration available until swim start.
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2017 HarborFest Tri Distance Swims
at National Harbor on Sunday August 13
750m - 1.2 mi. - 2.4 mi. - 5k

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Swimming Transformation Open Water Competition Clinics
at National Harbor
One hour clinic is perfect for the novice triathlete looking to learn more techniques
and strategy to gain an edge in competition. The clinics teaches fundamental
swimming techniques that alleviate open water fears and improve efficiency to move
through the water with less effort.

Clinic Dates: June 25, July 16, August 6, August 27

Space is Limited!!   Learn more here>
Register now before the price increases!
Weekly Swim Updates
New Clinic Sunday June 25

Calming Open Water Fears: Anxiety Management for
Open Water Swimming

Mental training and preparation are critical for a successful open water swim.
Learn how to deal with fears, overcome doubt, and increase your self-confidence
in the open water. This on-land and in-water clinic will provide tips and strategies
for training your most powerful muscle to conquer the open water.
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