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2012 Open Water Swim
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Eastern Zones Open Water
Championships at National Harbor
the Eastern Zones Open Water
Championship at National Harbor.

Aug 15 - WaveOne's coaches organized the Eastern Zones Open Water Championships at National
Harbor, MD.
Age group swimmers travelled from across the eastern U.S to compete in 1k, 2k and 3k races in our
new open water course. The meet director approached WaveOne to help relocate the open water champs to
swimmers from under 10 to 18 years old enjoyed the new venue in races from 1k to 3k.
11 year old Kara swims the 2k.
The 15-18 age group swimmers round the
start finish buoy into third lap of the
abilities how to gain an
advantage in a mass race start.

Monterey Bay, Ca in 13:50. The heroic
swim is the culmination of two years of
Consciousness", National Marine
Sanctuaries and Monterey Bay Aquarium.
this was the toughest swim he'd ever
attempted. Encountering jelly fish during
the entire swim, Bruckner told me in the
Aug 24 -  Bruckner Chase successfully last
mile "there were more jellies than
Monterey Bay, Ca in 13:50. The heroic
water." Knowing attitude and positive
thinking are the key to any successful
training and awareness building of "Ocean
marathon swim, he drew strength from his
cause as an ocean advocate when the
pain got bad, and he also made an odd
peace with the jellyfish along the way. He
said, "I'm getting stung by them out
there, but I'm recognizing that there's
nothing bad in the jellies. They're beautiful
The open water is an environment we all
need to contribute to protecting and
preserving, in any small or large way.
Day        High    Tide       Height      Sunrise    
       /Low   Time       Feet          Sunset                        

Su  10      Low   4:57 AM     0.4     5:39 AM    
10      High  10:48 AM     1.1     8:31 PM    
10     Low    5:41 PM      0.3                     
10     High  11:42 PM      1.1                      

NOAA Current Weather Conditions for Chesapeake Bay

Article explaining Bay Bridge distances/landmarks.
Practicing for The Chesapeake Bay Swim
by Nick Olmos-Lau, MD

From the start, warm up, pass the jetty and as you enter the spans, hug the turn,
stay to the north span(left).  The tide will be flowing left to right, north to south.
Be cautious to note that the current will grow stronger as you near and enter the
Main Channel, approximately 1.5 miles from the start. Keep in mind that the wind
will affect the current, lessening it or making it stronger. It also may create chop
and some swells. Note wind direction before the race. Maintain a distance of at
least 15 meters from the large support structures so you do not get caught in any
back eddy currents.  You may be swimming at an angle into the current to
maintain a straight line. Hold your streamlined body position and keep your head
down as much as possible.  Think of yourself as a  long sharp boat slicing through
the water. As you clear the main channel, you will be about 400 m less than half

Your next target is the East Channel bridge structure. It is during this middle 1.6
mile portion of the race that you must maintain your pace, stroke technique and
positive mental focus. Use the tools you practiced during your training. When in
doubt, count 100 strokes, making each one as perfectly as you can. The longer I
swim, the stronger I feel. Periodic sighting is important because you will continue
to need to adjust for the ebb current.

The beginning of East Channel structure is at 3 miles, the end at 3.3 miles. It is in this
area or about 70-90 minutes into the race that you may consider eating a gel. The
current should beginning to lessen and you may want to use it to drift to the
southern span (right side) and maintain a course until you exit the spans. At that
point you have approx. .75 miles to go. Once you get to the rocks, you have
maintain a distance that is a swimmable depth. Swimming is faster than running (in
the water). You should be getting a clear view of the large finish sign and the
overwhelming sense of satisfaction will be flooding your body. Bring it home
strong and congratulate yourself as you step on land.

If you have any questions, email me at I will try to
get back to you before 6am Sunday morning. Have a great race and have fun!

June 24 at National Harbor 8am
info here

June 21 Thursday Happy Hour Swim
is on schedule as planned. High
daily temps will bring water temp to
80F or above. Plan accordingly.

National Harbor Directions