Last summer is in the books, you have enjoyed time off, and now your attention turns to the 2014
triathlon season as race dates are announced and registrations open. This is the perfect time of
year to start your swim training and get an edge on your competition.
Thrive in the swim....just don't survive the swim!
Athletes that have joined us at our swims say:

"wow--that was fun!..."   

"...had lots of fun at the happy hour swim last nite--signed up for the whole season and tomorrows clinic..." - C.B.

"Thanks so much for a great workout. I'll definitely be back next week. Passing
the word to my buddies that do triathlons.     - C.C.

"I had a great time tonight. Great opportunity to get in the water with good people.
Thank you."    - R.S.

Become an athlete of a growing tribe of open water swimmers with WaveOne Swimming.
Step 1 - Perfect Your Technique

The number one way to improve your swim time is to perfect your stroke technique. Without the pressure of an impending race
and training schedule, Fall and Winter are the perfect times to learn and practice proper swimming technique. We are indoors,
warm and relaxed in controlled conditions, able to focus on what we need to train our bodies and minds for faster, easier
open water swimming.   
3 Steps to Eliminate Swimming Mistakes and Prepare for 2016
Step 3 - Register Now

The time to begin your 2014 triathlon swim training is now! Invest in
yourself and be one of the few that enters the water with strength,
speed, and confidence.  You will have a huge advantage in a race of
hundreds or thousands. Sign up here and be a leader in the water.
Step 2 - Practice With Experienced Coaches  

It is impossible to see yourself swim. Therefore, in order to improve your stroke technique you need
another set of eyes. You won't find a more experienced team of coaches than WaveOne. Our
instructors possess many years of coaching and competitive swimming experience, both indoors
and in open water.

WaveOne Instruction for Beginners and Intermediate Swimmers keeps a
low coach to swimmer
This ensures instruction is easily understood and feedback on your progress is generous.

WaveOne also provides above and
underwater video analysis during our classes as another tool for
technique improvement. We'll show you how you are swimming and what adjustments should be
made for faster easier swimming. This helps connect your mind to body and speeds improvement.
What triathletes say...

"I took a stroke technique clinic with WaveOne
[about a year ago].  It was the best thing I did.
Their workouts kicked my butt initially, but they
provided so many great cues and corrected my
stroke in multiple ways, I remember how
significantly stronger I  felt as a swimmer after
the first practice.   I say definitely go for it!!"
Eliminate your bad habits:
  • Stop struggling to breathe by learning better body balance.
  • Feel like you work so hard and don't go anywhere?  
  • Swim easier by learning the WaveOne feel the water techniques that help you be comfortable and propel
    yourself through the water.
  • Swimming with dragging your hips and legs? We teach you streamlined body position.
  • Stop kicking like a "runner" and learn fluid swim kicking that saves energy.

What you will learn:
  • Techniques and training for a 1,500m open water race.
  • Straight line swimming that eliminate excess mileage.
  • How to break through a plateau. For example, you are swimming 100's but can't seem to swim faster that 1:
    54 per 100 no matter how hard you try. We will work with you to break through to your next faster level.
  • What interval training is and how it will make you stronger and faster.
Other Venues:
Lab School of Washington
4759 Reservoir Road, NW @
MacArthur Blvd.
Washington, DC 20007-1921
Phone 202-965-6600

Yorktown High Aquatics Center
5200 Yorktown Blvd., Arlington, VA.
Swimming Transformation Clinic Sessions

May 13 at 1:30PM - 3:00PM  Cost is $120 at Tyson's YWCA  (limit 7 swimmers)

Video taping is included in session cost
Swimming is a highly technical sport and stroke efficiency is the path to success. Without
the pressure of an impending race and training schedule, winter is a perfect time to learn
and practice proper swimming technique. Open water swimming technique include
nuances and strategy different from pool swimming. Our experienced coaches have
competed over hundreds of race miles for valuable first hand knowledge for swimming
faster and more efficiently in open water. Their experiences will transform your
swimming. What you learn from us may make the difference in a successful race or a DNF.
Gain a winning advantage from WaveOne Swimming's years of winning racing.

This 2.5 hour intensive swim clinic will focus attention on proper swim form and is designed to improve
your technique so you use less effort and swim faster. We will build your stroke through a series of 15
drills to give you the necessary instruction and skills to begin improving your swimming. Our lessons
help  you move cleaner and swifter through the water, and how to hold the water for a more powerful
faster stroke. This enables you to swim faster, hold your course better in currents, and negotiate rough
conditions with confidence. We will teach you during a low swimmer to coach ratio class to ensure you
get ample individual attention.

NEW NATION'S TRIATHLON CLINIC COMING SOON.  Registered Nation's Triathlon entrants are eligible to
attend these clinics for a special discounted price of. The clinic is designed for beginning or
intermediate swimmers that introduce specific techniques for the Nation's Triathlon.
Email proof of
registration to to receive a coupon code to use when signing up online. Or
you may enter at the clinic for the triathlon to receive the discounted price.

Clinic includes in session videotaping analysis.

Transform Your Swimming - Become Water Efficient - Gain Confidence in the Open Water

Swimming Transformation Clinics
for Triathletes: Swimming Stroke and Strategy

Learn How to Transition from Pool to Open Water Swimming
for the Triathlon Season

2.5 Hours Class: Stroke Instruction & Training
For Beginning and Intermediate Swimmers and Triathletes
"I think I placed 7 or 8 out of 15 in my age group on the swim!  WOOHOO!!!  Thank you so much for your
awesome guidance/coaching!  I'm not sure that I would have made it through that swim had we not had
that one session out at Reston.  I'm looking forward to next season - and being stronger and faster! "
After completing her first Ironman -SK
Yorktown High School Aquatic Center
Sign up for Nation's Triathlon at a WaveOne clinic or
event and receive a discount and save the processing fee.
Swimming Beyond Horizons
Tysons TWCA Location:
8101 Wolftrap Rd,
Vienna, VA 22182