January: Carl Alf, Stuart and Josef join the WaveOne Open Water
team at the Pool to Open Water training practices.

April: 2nd Annual Aloha Splash Pool Open Water Swims  benefiting
Special Olympics Open Water

June:  Washington's Crossing Swim Across the Potomac.
Congratulations to Luke and John Ferris, Jenny Mitchell, Tom Hull,
Donny Toker, Rose and Susan Pleskow.
June: Anne attends Special Olympics European Games Open Water
Swimming event as a consultant/coach.

August: Luke Ferris wins a bid to compete in the 1500m open water
event in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles.

September:  Swim for the Potomac. Many personal records including
Rose Pleskow and Carl Alf complete the 3000m event.
2012 Global Aquatics Invitational Open Water
1500m in San Juan.
Congratulations to all the WaveOne Special
Olympics swimmers: Luke (finished in 32:00), Jenny, Rose and Bruce,
along with their unified partners, Anne, John, Jenna, Susan and Jeff.
Fantastic swimming!!
WaveOne Special Olympics Programs and News

Special Olympics Unified Sports® Explained Here

Special Olympics Unified Sports® now includes three inclusive sport
models that involve individuals with and without intellectual
disabilities. Below is a brief summary:

Unified Sports: The competitive model that combines Special
Olympics athletes (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and
partners (individuals without intellectual disabilities) of similar age
and ability as teammates on sport teams for training and
competition. (Also note that traditional Unified Sports will be the
only model in which official competition will take place at World

Unified Sports Player Development: Teammates following this
model are not required to be of similar abilities. Players of higher
abilities will assist teammates of lower abilities in developing
sport-specific skills and tactics and in successfully participating in a
team environment.

Unified Sports Recreation: A less structured model intended to
introduce people to the concept of inclusive sports opportunities for
Special Olympics athletes and Unified Sports partners without
intellectual disabilities. This model promotes social inclusion and
increases sport-specific skills.

The goals for Special Olympics Unified Sports® are to: foster a
movement of social inclusion and change attitudes through sport
for all Special Olympics Programs worldwide; double the number of
participants in Unified Sports to 1 million by 2015; and have 100% of
Special Olympics Programs doing Unified Sports activities by 2015.
Jenny Out Paces Hurricane in Bermuda

Oct 14, 2012 - Special Olympic open water swimmer, Jenny
Mitchell swam the 2K Bermuda Round the Sound open
water race in a time of 1:05.29. Jenny was paced by her
Unified Partner, WaveOne coach Anne McLindon, as they
out swam Hurricane Rafael.

Race day conditions were tough with high winds, lots of
choppy water, and last minute course changes. But Jenny
swam a strong 2000m race and finished to the cheer of her
parents and hundreds of swimmers and spectators. Jenny
certainly changed attitudes that day.

The open water race in Bermuda was a successful step in
reaching the goals of Unified Sports.  Jenny, who trains  
with WaveOne Swimming, was the crowd favorite and was
warmly embraced by all the swimmers including Olympic
Gold Medalist Jim Montgomery.
Jenny and Dave become first Special Olympic
Unified Partners to cross the Potomac River in the
2012 Washington's Crossing open water race.

June: Kester Edwards invites Denis Crean to Special Olympics International
headquarters to discuss open water swimming development opportunities using
the WaveOne Swimming model of open water swimming education and training.

June:  Jenny Mitchell and Dave Lenox (Virginia), are the first Special Olympics
Unified Partners to complete the 1.3 mile Washington’s Crossing: Swim Across
the Potomac River in Washington, DC

September:  WaveOne Special Olympics 800m race in preparation for the 1500m
SOIWAI later in the month.

San Juan, Puerto Rico. Special Olympics Inaugural World Aquatics Invitational. 40
swimmers, including 9 Unified Teams, participate in the 1500 meter Open Water
Swim race.

October:  Bermuda. Special Olympics Athlete, Jenny Mitchell (Virginia) swims the
2k race in the 22nd Annual Round the Sound with her Unified Partner, Anne
In 2012, WaveOne teamed up with Special Olympics
International to help develop and promote open water
swimming as a new fully accredited sport of the Special
Olympics World Games. We include free access for all Special
Olympic athletes, their Unified Partners and families at any
of our swims, races or training programs.

Beginning in June 2012,  Special Olympics athletes joined WaveOne's
weekly open water swimming training program at National Harbor,  
Md in their journey to the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los
Angeles. Over the past 3 seasons, we worked with intellectually
disabled athletes and their coaches all over the world providing
training and program development education in Kenya, Cayman
Islands, Uruguay, Egypt, Singapore, India and the Washington DC
area. We are proud of our collaborative contribution to the growth of
Special Olympics Open Water and especially of the athletes and their
achievements. Highlights are below.

January:  WaveOne welcomes Donny Toker to the Pool to Open Water program.
Donny goes on to complete in numerous open water races over the next 2 years.

April: Denis Crean with Kester Edwards from Special Olympics International,
conduct training for the US Department of State's Sports United outreach
program in Cairo, Egypt. The training session taught over  145 Special Olympics
coaches and athletes coaching basics and program development for pool and
open water swimming.
April: First Annual Aloha Splash Pool Open Water Swims to Benefit Special
Olympics Open Water Swimming is conducted attracting almost 100 swimmers.

May and December: Coach Anne travels to Netherlands, Kenya and Uruguay to
work with coaches and program directors teaching open water swimming
techniques and program development.

September: Rose Pleskow is warded the WaveOne Swimmer of the Year for her
dedication and achievements on open water swimming and competitions.
Start of the first ever 1500m race in the  Special
Olympics European Games in Seek, Netherlands.
Tom and Jenny after
completing 2014
Wasington's Crossing
Anne with the Israeli open water team at the Special
Olympics European Games.
Anne Interviews at 2nd Annual Aloha
Splash Pool Open Water Swims
WaveOne Special Olympics open water team
at Swim the Loop 1.3 mi. swim, North Carolina
Open water training for Special
Olympics athletes and coaches
in Kenya led by coach Anne.
2013 Highlights
WaveOne team at the 2013 RCP Tiburon
1 mile open water race in San Francisco.
2013 WaveOne Swimmer of the
Year Rose Pleskow.
2012 Highlights
Training program in Puerto Rico.
Post 800m practice race in National Harbor in 2012
Anne provides swim support in the
Puerto Rico.
2014 Highlights
WaveOne Swimming at National Harbor (L to R) Kurt,
Denis, Anne, Tammy, Art
Swim for the Potomac 2014, National Harbor, Md
Stuart and Josef below, Lena and John Ferris
celebrate their 30th anniversary with a 750m swim
Mother and daughter Unified Partners Susan
and Rose Pleskow
1st Annual Aloha Splash
Special Olympics education and training for
United States Dept. of State's Sports United
international outreach program in Cairo, Egypt.
Top: Kester preparing athletes for pool open
water session. Middle: Proper warm up
techniques prior to training. Bottom: Special
Olympics coaches Gail, Alice, Kester, Amir and
Denis at the practice pool in Cairo.
Pool to open water training in Singapore
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2015 Highlights
June: Washington Crossing 1.3 mile open water race across
the Potomac River. Jenny's first solo crossing!!
July/August Special Olympics 2015 World Games, Los
Angeles, Ca - 1500 meter open water swim. Congratulations
August: HarborFest - 5K, 2.4 mi and 1,2 mile swims.
September: Swim the Loop, Wrightsville Beach, NC - 1 mile
and 5K swims
2016 Highlights
April: Swim Miami 1 mile swim.
June: Washington Crossing 1.3 mile open water race across
the Potomac River
August: HarborFest - 5K, 2.4 mi and 1,2 mile swims.
August: Jack King 1 mile and 5K ocean swims in Virginia
Beach, Va
September: Swim for The Potomac 3k, 5k and 10k swims
Virginia Beach August 2016
Tom and Carl 2016
Washington's Crossing
Inspiring Your Inner Hero – One Stroke at a Time
Denis Crean,  the founder of WaveOne Swimming and  marathon open water swimmer, swam 20+
miles from Santa Catalina Island to Los Angeles in the Pacific Ocean, on October 10, 2016. The
inspiration to attempt this channel crossing comes from his heroes and team mates, who are also
Special Olympics athletes. We raised over $14,000 to provide  training and competition opportunities
in triathlon and open water swimming for these inspirational athletes.
Learn more about the 16+ hour swim here>
Swimming Beyond Horizons
WaveOne is happy to sponsor the Special Olympics
Potomac River Dolphins
Video produced by Anna Pleskow, Special Olympics Unified Partner