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Private Lessons, Training Plans, and more

Open water swimming involves variable conditions. Every day is different. Every swim is different.  Please see our website for
schedule and weather updates particularly prior to event date. Cancellations due to weather shall be determined in the best
interest of the swimmers and
no refunds will be given for weather cancellations. All swimmers swim at their own risk. Risks may
include potential injury and death. Be safe.

Prices and event times subject to change without notice.  
No refunds or transfers. Park, parking and entrance fees are not
included in the swim/clinic or event fee.  
Private, semi-private, or small group lessons are a way to turbo
charge your swimming improvement. We analyze issues in the
first meeting and make corrections with noticeable and
immediate improvements. We combine real world tried  
techniques, many years of coaching, training and competitive
experience to help you to be a better, more relaxed swimmer.
We have helped hundreds of swimmers make the transition from
pool to open water fearlessly and with confidence. Lessons can
take place in the pool or open water. Register for lessons below.

Contact us for pricing and to determine a training plan.

Scheduling, questions or comments email us at: Check with for updates.

Private Pool Lessons $95/hr
Private Open Water Lesson $145/hr

Private Lesson Packages
2 Pool + Open Water lesson: $320
2 Open Water + 1 Pool lessons: $350
Semi Private Pool (2 or 3 Athletes): $60 each/hr
Semi Private Open Water (2 or 3 Athletes): $80/ea

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Private Lessons and
Semi-Private Lessons
Final 2011 Swim Happy
Hour at Cadillac Ranch,
National Harbor: L-R
James, Susan, Tom,
Sharon, Carolyn (and her
daughter),Ed, Lauren,
Mike, Matt, Kurt and Anne.
First weekly
Happy Hour Swim,
May 2011

WaveOne Wet Suit Information

For Rental and Sales contact Bonzai Sports
WaveOne Discount 15% off wet suit purchases
Bonzai Wetsuit Rental and Reservation Details:

Now from Bonzai Sports & WaveOne Swimming, Bonzai is offering
a special 15% coupon for all Wave One Swimmers. Wetsuits are
available for purchase & rental.  All suits must be reserved in
advance from the website.  
For rentals, please use the following specific instructions:  Hit the website and click on the wetsuit rental link.   
All rentals are $35.00  
Please reserve your suit in advance.  We will be prepared to
bring enough suits for every reservation.   If you want to receive
your suit prior to the clinic you may chose either an in-store pick
up date, or we are happy to ship the suit. (Choose shipping
option) Call ahead to the rental desk at the shop to determine if
we will be at the event you are attending. If you want us to
deliver the suit,  simply enter that date in the reservation system
and we'll bring enough suits for the clinic.

If you chose to purchase a suit, you may use our special Wave
One Coupon for 15% off on all wetsuit purchases.  In our Falls
Church store we have a good selection of Blue 70 and Orca.
Email for availability - . We also have a few
close out suits from Quintana Roo - Limited Availability.
Or shop online from our and hit the "
Extended Online Store Catalog: where we have a good selection
of TYR and Profile Wetsuits. Use the key word - Wetsuit - for a
complete listing. When you check out - use the coupon code "
w1swim" for a 15% discount. Thank you and we'll see everyone
out at Sandy Point.
The Standard for Open Water Swimming
Weekly Sunset/Sunrise Swims
Personal Training Plans and Programs
Personal Training plans enable you to
independently progress  toward your goals. All
successful athletes employ coaches to guide
them with training. These plans provide workouts
tailored to your swimming level in distance open
water swimming (races 750 meters and longer),
with helpful information, nutrition,  motivation and
stroke tips. 3 workouts will be designed and will
be sent via email each week and will cost
$95/month with a 3 month minimum. Private
lessons are extra but encouraged.

Workouts are designed and written by Denis
Crean, founder of WaveOne Swimming, a coach
with 25 years experience in swimming, open
water coaching, over 350 open water racing
miles, including various marathon open water
swims of over 20 miles each. (see
About Us)

Comprehensive Personal Training
Includes Intitial evaluation and pool lesson.
Goal plan structure.
Weekly emailed workouts (per above)
One pool or Open water lesson per month.
Email/Telephine consultation.


Training plan programs will also be available for
The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim and IronMan
(12-14 week programs)   

Contact Denis at