Lake Anna, Virginia:
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The Standard for Open Water Swimming
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PRIVATE/SEMI-PRIVATE Open Water Swimming Lessons Available Contact
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October 2012 UPDATE
Catch and Pull: Efficient
read it here.

Congratulations to Heather and Ryan for dropping
This is Dedication: Claudia is off to Kona for two
weeks working as a catcher and timer for the Ironman.
She's so dedicated, she shipped her bike so she can
continue to train for her Arizona Ironman in

Catch and Pull: Efficient Propulsion
...read it here.
Lane 2 (Lane 1)
Warm Up
200 (100) swim
6x75 odd-drill/swim/drill; even-kick/ swim /kick  :15 rest   
For drills: include sculling and fist drill
3(2)x100 descend on Base Interval + .05
400(200) 1st and 4th 100(50) 90% effort, 2nd and 3rd 100(50) pace; 30 seconds rest
4x50 on .05 seconds rest, maintain same time for each 50
1:00 rest
4x100(50) descend on base interval (half BI+.05seconds)
300(150) negative split :20 seconds rest
4x50 on :10 rest;  odd fast, even 1st 25 backstroke
1:00 rest
5x100(50) on BI -:05, make interval, try for at least :05 rest; stay on interval! (half
30 seconds rest
200 swim fast from flags into each wall, :30 rest
4x50 on :15 rest, swim underwater for 1st 25, easy 2nd 25  

Warm Down
200 (100) easy perfect stroke

3550 (2550)