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WaveOne Community: Leaders in the Open Water
WaveOne Swimming is an open water community. We are more than a team, club or
organization. Over the past five years, swimmers, triathletes, paddleboarders, and
those curious have shared in our vision of open water swimming. We want to
recognize those who embrace our spirit and bring their personal brand of energy and
enthusiasm to the open water. They share our mission to introduce as many people as
we can to explore and enjoy open water swimming; and support the development of
safe open water practices and events throughout the country while working to protect
and preserve the waters of the world.
The reason why I love the sea
I cannot explain. It's physical.
When you dive you begin to  
feel like you're an angel."

Jacques Cousteau
"The water is your friend. You
don't have to fight with the  
water, just share the same spirit
and it will help you move."

~Aleksandr Popov, World Record
Holder and fastest man in the water.
The little mermaid was so
startled that she dived
under water; and when
she again stretched out
her head, it appeared as if
all the stars of heaven
were falling ...

Hans Christian Andersen's The
Little Mermaid
“Whatever you can do
or dream you can,
begin it. Boldness has
genius, power and
magic in it.”

"You're biggest challenge isn't
someone else. It's the ache in your
lungs and the burning in your legs,
and the voice in your head that yells
'CAN'T', but you don't listen. You just
push harder. And then you hear that
voice whisper, "can" and you
discover that the person you thought
you were is no match for the one you
really are."
"It's a great day for a swim!"

There’s nothing more chilling than
swimming across open sea, where
recently there used to be a solid

Address to the House of Lords (19
November 2010)

Going against the tide has never
been difficult for me. It wasn’t even
a conscious decision but the natural
consequence of following my own

Achieving The Impossible - A Fearless Leader.
A Fragile Earth. (2010)

"I never do the same swim twice,
unless it is for training. The next
swim must be harder and more
challenging, otherwise I am going
backwards. Sometimes we set
boundaries for ourselves in life, or
even worse, we allow others to do
so. In many cases, these boundaries
are just in our mind and need to be
pushed away."

Lewis Gordan Pugh, The Human Polar Bear
and first person to swim to the North Pole
Tom Hull

Tom Hull swam as a youngster racing his older
sister in the pool. Since beginning to swim in
the open water, he continually challenged
himself to improve his technique and to swim
greater distances. In 2011, Tom won Swimmer of
the Year for his overwhelming positive attitude
and infectious enthusiasm. He finished the 2012
season upgrading his last race from 5K to 10K
and completing it in a personal best pace. In
2013, Tom became a Unified Partner in
WaveOne's Special Olympic open water
programs sharing his love of the open water
with Special Olympic athletes. He is a perfect
example of what you can achieve with a
positive attitude and dedication. You can meet
Tom almost any Thursday night at National
Tom finishing the 1.2 mile HarborFest Swim
as a Unified Partner for Special Olympic
athlete Jenny Mitchell.
Matt Tourville

Matt joined the WaveOne team in 2011 wanting to improve
his swim for an upcoming IronMan. He soon learned
The Standard for Open Water Swimming