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Congratulations to WaveOne's Matt Tourville for completing his 5th IronMan
at Lake Placid in a PR!

During the past seven years, WaveOne Swimming created one of the most dynamic open water swimming
communities in the world. WaveOne's 2016 season has more swims, clinics and races than ever, the perfect home
for new and seasoned triathletes and swimmers.  Join our email list to keep up to date on our latest swims.
2016 Season Information
2015 Washington's Crossing video courtesy of DK Williams from PlanetDK
Nation's Triathlon Special!!

Open Water Swimming Clinics and Swims

Fundamentals of Open Water Swimming Racing
Sunday August 14 7:30AM at National Harbor
Sunday August 28 7:30AM at National Harbor
JUST ADDED - Wednesday August 31 5:15PM at National Harbor
Nation's Triathlon discount available for registered triathletes

Info and Register here

8th Annual
Swim for the Potomac

Saturday September 24, 2016
500m Potomac Splash
3K   5K   2.4mi   10K

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Private Lessons - Personal Training
Coaching Packages available
Nothing can substitute for private lessons and training to develop your own
personal swim stroke. We patiently share our experiences to transform your
swimming to meet your goals, address fears, and build relaxed confidence, as well
as enable you to swim faster further.  

"In the first class, he nailed specific issues with my technique and provided step by step guidance for
improvement, which led to immediate gains. I was so impressed with Denis that after only a couple of
classes, I hired him as a personal swim coach to get me ready for my first triathlon." -DD


Weekly Swims at National Harbor: Updates

Start Times -  Wednesday 8/24:  6:20PM        Sunday 8/28 : 8:30AM
Location: National Harbor Commercial Pier (Water Taxi location)
Potomac River Water Temperature: 82F  as of 8/24 at 11AM
Wetsuits are not allowed.
Swim weather forecast 8/24: Mostly Sunny  with a morning high in mid 80's.
SouthWest wind
3-5mph ...Great day for a swim!
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HarborFest 2016
Tri Distance Open Water Swims

Sunday August 7 at National Harbor
750m - 1.2mi - 2.4mi - 5k


Race Info Here
HarborFest 2016
Saturday September 24
500m 3K 5K 10K 2.4mi
Featuring the only 10k swim in
the Mid Atlantic
New Open Water Clinics!

Learn the one tip that can save
minutes off your swim time...and
Sponsored by Nation's Triathlon
Tips you can implement at the Nations's Tri: Open Water Clinic, Sun, Aug 31
JUST ADDED: Small Group Technique Lessons Aug 21, Aug 24

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